The strength of our cow herd is paramount

Our Waverley farm is the home of our Angus stud which began back in 1996. The strength of the breed has seen our numbers continue to increase over the years. We currently run 150 females, our focus is on quality and consistency over quantity.

We keep an eye on the figures, but both eyes on characteristics like structure, temperament, feet and fertility. Every female at Cascade must get in calf at 2yrs and have a live calf, then get back in calf again at 3. We assess our cows continually and cull without favour.

All our annual sale bulls are semen and morphology tested with a minimum of 70% motility.

We take great pride in the reputation of our herd; Bulls that are fertile, of good temperament, structurally sound and ready to work.

We typically present 45 Angus bulls at our annual sale, in addition to private sales through the year.


Our passion is to breed quality cattle that will thrive and survive in any environment.

Honest Cattle Bred With Integrity